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If you have substantial wealth, you need to develop a plan for how you can make the most of your assets in the years to come, especially as you reach retirement age. Your plan should also reduce your tax obligations as much as possible while mitigating risk and maximizing returns on your investments. For the sound wealth management guidance, you need, turn to a skilled State College financial advisor with Strong Tower Associates. We offer a fee-only service and advice based on your unique needs, situation and goals—keeping you completely informed on your best options at all times.

The importance of cohesive wealth management

Proper wealth management involves the consideration of multiple factors, all of which have the potential to significant impact how you plan for the future. Together, we’ll address the following issues:

  • Investment management: We take a disciplined approach to investment advising, aiming to maximize your returns and minimize your risks. We assist with finding investment opportunities, reducing costs and properly allocating your assets.
  • Tax planning: One of the best ways to retain more of your wealth is to reduce the burden of taxation. There are numerous tools available to help you do just that, and our financial advisors allow you to choose the right options for your situation.
  • Estate planning: Through an estate plan, you can secure control of your assets, name beneficiaries, provide care for minor children and reduce or eliminate estate taxes. The world of estate planning is constantly changing, so be sure to work with a wealth management who remains up to date on federal and state laws and regulations.
  • health care planning: As you grow older, your health care needs may change in significant ways. We help you predict your potential needs and ensure you are adequately covering all costs involved.
  • Expense management: If you have big-ticket items you need to cover in the future, we’ll help you prepare and manage these costs. This may include college tuition for a loved one, a large real estate transaction and a variety of other substantial purchases you have planned.                                                                                                                          

No two wealth management strategies are the same. This is why we tailor our advice and services to your specific needs, no matter what. You will meet with an advisor who understands your concerns and knows how to help maximize your wealth in the long term.

Speak with an advisor today about your wealth management

If you would like to learn more about our wealth management services, and how it can benefit you and your loved ones. Consult with a financial advisor at Strong Tower Associates—with offices in State College, Lock Haven, Lewisburg, and Altoona. Give us a call at 814-325-9806 or contact us online to get started.