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Establishing a cohesive asset management strategy as you approach retirement

As you look toward retirement, it is important to have a sound asset management strategy in place to help maximize your wealth and ensure you preserve all you have worked for your entire life. When you work with Strong Tower Associates, you will meet with a skilled State College financial advisor who helps you make the most of your assets and investments, establishing a plan tailored to your situation and short- and long-term goals.

How the financial process works

We use a sound process for your asset management and financial planning needs, based on our years of experience working closely with a broad range of clients from various backgrounds. This process centers on six key steps:

  1. Establish a relationship: We meet with you to discuss your circumstances, your current and future needs and your goals for your asset management. During this meeting, we also outline responsibilities and let you know what you can expect from this process.
  2. Collect all data and information: You and your financial planner go through various documents and data to determine your current financial situation. This step allows you to dial in on specific objectives and how long it will take to reach them, and decide if you are willing to take on any investment risks.
  3. Establish an understanding of your financial status: Your financial advisor will thoroughly examine your financial situation and develop a strategy to meet your goals. This step may involve analyzing your liabilities, assets, cash flow, investments, tax planning and insurance policies.
  4. Analyze your asset management strategy: You will meet with your financial advisor to go over your suggested strategy. We will explain why we are recommending certain actions, giving you the ability to make informed decisions regarding your financial future.
  5. Establish your financial plan: If you and your financial planner agree on your asset management strategy, it is time to implement it. Your advisor will guide you through this process, helping you avoid any pitfalls and coordinating with your attorney, stockbroker and other professionals as needed.
  6. Track progress on your strategy: Periodically, you and your financial advisor will meet to check in your plan and ensure you are making progress toward your overall goals. If necessary, we may suggest you make certain changes to your strategy as time goes on and financial conditions change

Meet with a local financial advisor today

To learn more about how you can engage in a sound asset management strategy that can help set you up for retirement, speak with a respected professional at Strong Tower Associates. From our offices in State College, Lock Haven, Lewisburg, and Altoona, we serve clients throughout Centre County and the surrounding areas. Call us at 814-325-9806 or contact us online to get started.