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The holidays are a busy time of year– there’s barely time to go shopping let alone review finances. Ash is narrowing down the top 3 financial moves everyone should make in anticipation for the New Year.

End-of-Year Financial Checklist

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New Frontiers of Investing

The investing landscape is constantly changing. Learning how to navigate new frontiers of investing requires, as Tacitus said, considerable patience and research. Learn more about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and how they are affecting the markets

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Mastering Your Money: Focus on What You Can Control

It seems as though every aspect of our financial life is subjected to some sort of major change. The taxes we pay, the deductions we use to lower our taxes, the retirement accounts we use and even our health insurance are all on the table. But what is more critical is figuring out the areas in our lives where we have some control over our financial decisions and being able to understand how those decisions can affect us in the future.

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Ages and Stages: Planning for Retirement After 50

While turning half a century old is a justified excuse to celebrate your life, accomplishments and future goals, it also doubles as an opportunity to reassess your current and future financial situation. New rules apply when you reach certain ages, and being aware of these rules will help you take advantage of opportunities to save more and avoid penalties.

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Know Your Health Care Options and Possible Changes

A proper health care plan is a necessity for everyone. But for those preparing for retirement, it is vital to also be prepared for health care needs — and options — to change. Health care needs and costs inevitably increase as we age. When incorporating these costs into retirement savings, most people consider Medicare beginning at age 65. Medicare, which is an aid program provided by the federal government, naturally is a complex system riddled with intricacies often unbeknownst to pre-retirees and retirees.

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Does the Degree Justify the Debt?

A college degree can mean a bigger paycheck — but it can also mean crippling debt. Today, more students, and their parents, are becoming aware of the high cost of college and wondering if the expense of college, along with debt, is worth the higher salary.

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Millennial Wealth Myths

You may have seen one of the many article written on how the millennial generation will inherit massive wealth from their parents, the baby boomers. These pieces indicate there will be some $30 trillion transferred to the next generation. This may provide some millennials a great sense of relief or lull them into laxness — but it should not. Here are three reasons why…

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