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Will Your Social Security Plummet in 2017?


State College financial advisor and president of Strong Tower Associates, Ash Toumayants, spoke with The Street reporter Robert McGarvey about how social security could change in 2017. Toumayants suggest that current long-term disparities in treatment are likely to worsen if Medicare Part B costs continue to rise, which would result in some people paying three to four times more than what others are paying.

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Ash Toumayants, a financial advisor in State College, Penn., said that the s.s. system is creating what may be a long-term disparity in treatment. And that disparity may only get worse. Looking ahead, Toumayants said he doesn’t see significant Social Security increases coming down the pike – we seem to be in a low inflation era – but, very probably, Medicare Part B costs will continue to rise. Some will pay those increases; many others won’t.”

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