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State College, PA is near and dear to my heart. It’s where I went to college, began my career, and started my family. I’ve had the privilege of watching this quaint town grow and change over the years, and I’m excited that my children get to do the same.

Today, I want to share with you three reasons why I chose to raise my family in State College, PA. After reading this, I hope you’ll reach out and let me know why you love living here too. 

1. The Perfect Size For A City

Personally, I wouldn’t do well in a large city. Don’t get me wrong, I do like visiting metropolitan areas on occasion, but all the concrete gets to me after a while.

State College is the Goldilocks city—not too big and not too small. Yes, we’re a small town at heart, but thanks to Penn State University, our city is booming with fun activities and places to visit. I know many people who’ve come to State College to attend Penn State only to fall in love with our town and stick around for the long haul. 

Our nickname is “Happy Valley” and for good reason. It’s hard to go anywhere without running into someone you know. There’s an urban feel, yet it’s quiet, calm, and serene. The only time you’ll see our city hyped up is during football season. We have a lot of team spirit!

2. An Ideal Place To Raise Kids

State College is the perfect place to raise a family for a couple of reasons. First, State College is one of the safest cities in the country. Seriously. We’re the second safest place to raise a family according to a study by Securitychoice.

In addition to being safe, our town has more opportunities than most towns of its size. This is due to our large student population and the growth we’ve seen as a result. The university offers countless opportunities for my kids to experience sports, arts, and sciences. Not to mention all the state parks, lakes, and trails we have right in our backyard. 

3. It’s Close To Family

The third reason I love living in State College is a bit personal, but still worth mentioning. My parents and my wife’s parents live within two miles of us, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Most people come to a point in life where they have to choose between living in a place they love or being close to family. I’m fortunate to have the best of both worlds. Watching our kids grow up so close to their grandparents is priceless. The fact that we also love this area is an added bonus.

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About Ash

Ash Toumayants is a financial advisor and the founder of Strong Tower Associates. For over a decade, he has helped hardworking people across Central Pennsylvania prepare for retirement. Fueled by a passion for helping people see through the veil of confusion that shrouds the financial world, his goal is to educate his clients so they can make more sound choices regarding their financial future. A Penn State graduate, he currently lives in State College with his lovely wife, Noelle, and their adorable children. Learn more by connecting with Ash on LinkedIn or emailing [email protected].