Strong Tower

By Ash Toumayants

When I founded Strong Tower Associates 6 years ago, it was with the intention of unveiling the confusion that plagued the financial world at large. Many people simply do not know what they need, what kind of help is available, and how to achieve their financial dreams. Strong Tower Associates is willing to help and educate our clients so they can make sound decisions that will impact their future. 

Here is exactly who we serve and what we do best. 

Who We Serve

We serve people who are within 10 years of retirement, who are very motivated to contribute as much as they can into their nest egg, but who are far enough away from their retirement date to make some real positive changes to their balances. We find that the earlier someone starts working with us, the easier it is to put some real changes and habits into place that will help their savings and spending patterns and craft an effective investment strategy. 

While we can help anyone, most of our clients tend to be couples over the age of 50. While they have done well on their own with saving for retirement, they have come to a point where they need some extra help and another set of eyes to steer them in the direction they want to go. At Strong Tower Associates, not only can we help our clients create a written plan, but we can provide the necessary education they need (customized for them) so they can feel added confidence in their choices and options.

What We Do Best

We focus on helping our clients pursue their dreams of retiring early. Many people have given everything they have to their work and have nothing more to give. They have done a great job saving, but are constantly worrying about how to afford healthcare costs and how the current and future state of Social Security will affect their retirement. The work we do with our clients not only shows that the retirement they desire is not only possible, but affordable as well, as long as they do certain things to keep their health insurance costs down and create the right strategies regarding Social Security.  

In addition, we help retirees forecast and predict how much taxes they will pay during retirement. Too many people do not have a clue as to what the tax consequences are of Social Security payments and withdrawals from tax-qualified accounts. We also teach our clients about the additional taxes on Medicare if their income goes above certain thresholds. A little bit of education and awareness goes a long way when it comes to helping our clients minimize taxes and keep more money for retirement. 

The Next Step 

Are you ready to see how Strong Tower Associates can help you work toward your retirement dreams? We would love to help you create a plan that will pursue the best outcome for any situation. You can get in touch with me directly by calling 814-325-9806, emailing [email protected], or request a meeting online! 

About Ash

Ash Toumayants is a financial advisor and the founder of Strong Tower Associates. For over a decade, he has helped hardworking people across Central Pennsylvania prepare for retirement. Fueled by a passion for helping people see through the veil of confusion that shrouds the financial world, his goal is to educate his clients so they can make more sound choices regarding their financial future. A Penn State graduate, he currently lives in State College with his lovely wife, Noelle, and their four adorable children. Learn more by connecting with Ash on LinkedIn or emailing [email protected]. 

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