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The concept of wealth has been around since humans first started trading. Thousands of years ago, wealth wasn’t defined by investments or cash but by the size of a livestock herd and the crops people could produce from their land. To protect their assets from thieves, nomads, and other hazards, landowners would build fences. However, since their land was so expansive, they would build massive towers so they could watch over their land.

Today, a financial advisor can serve as that watchtower over a family’s hard-earned assets, with personalized financial plans serving as the fence. It was with this concept in mind that I formed my firm and called it Strong Tower Associates. With financial planning, asset management, estate planning and wealth management, you can help protect your assets and property you work so hard to earn.

Who We Are

Strong Tower Associates is an independent wealth management firm providing disciplined and fee-only financial planning services. As we don’t have conflicts of interest, we can instead commit ourselves to the best course of action for you. Our focus is on helping you plan for retirement, mitigate investment risks, reduce costs and remain informed on your personal finances.

In order to offer our clients the highest level of personalized planning, we offer a broad range of services, including asset management, financial planning, inheritance and estate planning and wealth management. We tailor strategies to fit your needs, situation and goals, delivering personal attention and ensuring you remain completely informed of your best options at all points in the process.

Who We Serve

While we work with a wide range of individuals and families with diverse needs, our clients are primarily couples over the age of 50. They are usually 10 years or fewer away from retirement. While they may have been saving for retirement for years, they’ve reached a point where they seek a more formal written plan for their retirement.

Often, they don’t have one either because they aren’t sure where to start or they feel as though their advisor only wants to discuss how their funds are doing rather than review how those funds will later be used for an income.

At Strong Tower, we aim to fulfill this desire, providing what we call the Strong Tower Blueprint; a comprehensive, written financial plan that encapsulates their needs and goals for the short and long-term, from investment allocation and management to estate planning, health care, and taxes. We leave no stone unturned, addressing the many questions clients may have as they approach retirement.

Through this process, clients work one-on-one with a financial advisor who gives them the tools and resources they need to make wise decisions regarding their future. Working closely with them to outline a strategy that best fits their situation, needs, and goals, we are dedicated to helping our clients plan and pursue the retirement they’ve always imagined.

Why Choose Us?

Deciding when and how to retire is one of the most difficult decisions you will make in life. But you don’t have to make the hard choices alone. With a supportive team of professionals, we offer a broad range of financial planning services that help us develop a strategy customized to your individual needs and goals.

As an added value service, we can provide you a complete financial analysis of your current financial situation and your short and long-term goals. Through this analysis, we can evaluate appropriate solutions available to you. If you have questions about your retirement needs, we’d be happy to meet with you and conduct an initial analysis. There’s never a fee, charge, or obligation for your first meeting. To discover your financial opportunities, call us at 814-325-9806 or email [email protected].

About Ash

Ash Toumayants is a financial advisor and the founder of Strong Tower Associates. For over a decade, he has helped hardworking people across Central Pennsylvania prepare for retirement. Fueled by a passion for helping people see through the veil of confusion that shrouds the financial world, his goal is to educate his clients so they can make more sound choices regarding their financial future. A Penn State graduate, he currently lives in State College with his lovely wife, Noelle, and their four adorable children. Learn more by connecting with Ash on LinkedIn or emailing [email protected].


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