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Plan Your Retirement Today!

Before you begin to plan for your retirement it's important to know and understand all of the information available. With the increasing amounts of information available today, we wanted to simplify this process. This is why we decided to create the Strong Tower Retirement Kit!

This resource kit is a whole bundle of content including nine planning guides. Each guide will have different information regarding retirement planning. Start planning today, and request your copy.

What’s included in the Strong Tower Retirement Kit

The Top 10 Things to Consider When Preparing for Retirement


Planning for your retirement income may seem like a daunting task, but we have some good news for you: We’ve been there before, and we can help you get a handle on preparing for your financial future with our list of the top 10 things you should do to prepare for your retirement.

  • Income Strategy
  • Tax Strategy
  • Calculate Risk

Designing Your Fiscal House


Knowing what not to do, is equally as important as knowing what to do when it deals with retirement planning. The Guide to Designing Your Fiscal House aims at the structure of planning and what is important. Expect to get helpful information that you can use to help you prepare for common mistakes pre-retirees make.

  • Asset Allocation
  • Cost Management
  • Sustainability

Tax Strategies For Retirement


Don’t let tax be a burden for your retirement. Different tax strategies are available if you know which one. The Tax Strategies For Retirement Guide goes over an abundance of helpful tax information! Gain insight into each of the strategies, and understand just how they work. Get your guide today and help you minimize your future taxes!

  • Tax Diversification
  • Tax Strategies
  • Reliable Income With Partial Taxation

Social Security Decisions


It’s important to know how integrating Social Security benefits into your retirement income plan can play a role in your overall financial strategy. There are strategies a financial professional could help you implement that may identify income gaps and help reduce the risk of outliving your money. Request your guide today to learn how to potentially optimize Social Security benefits.

  • Timing Distributions
  • Spousal Benefits
  • Retirement Income