Strong Tower

Penn State Grad Helps Generations Plan For The Future


Ash Toumayants, a Penn State Grad and president of State College, PA-based financial planning firm Strong Tower Associates, spoke with reporter Roger Van Scyoc in an interview for Centre Daily Times. Toumayants talked about starting his financial planning firm while his wife was expecting and gave advice on how different generations plan for the future and retirement.


“I’m a fan of Mike Rowe, the “Dirty Jobs” guy because his big thing is you don’t wait for a job that you’re passionate about before you do it. You do a job, and you bring your passion to it. I think millennials need to be very mindful of technology disruption, and whatever career they’re in, they should always be learning. Because for a lot of younger people, technology is going to change so rapidly. They have to make sure their job is still going to be there.”

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