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It is with great joy that I announce the birth of my son, Daniel Vahan Toumayants! If you’re thinking you haven’t heard the name “Vahan” before, you’re probably right! We wanted to incorporate my Armenian background into his name, and in Armenian, Vahan means “shield.” Just to make the holiday season even more special, he was born at home on Thanksgiving Day, weighing in at 8 pounds, and 21 inches long.

Here are some pictures of our newest little guy:

Thank you for sharing in this exciting milestone with us. We consider you, our clients, as our extended family, and we love sharing our lives with you. Here at Strong Tower Associates, we value you, care about your life, and strive to work in your best interests, and that includes deepening our working relationship and celebrating life’s special moments.

We appreciate your interest in our lives and love that we get to work with all of you! To hear more about Strong Tower’s values and mission, get in touch by calling 814-325-9806 or emailing [email protected]. Or, if you prefer, you can quickly and easily click here to request a meeting using our online calendar!