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Falling Oil Prices

Falling Oil Prices Watch the bouncing ball; that may describe oil prices in recent years. With incremental changes, Americans are at the point where we might not even pay attention anymore. It’s only those trends that move the ball substantially, either up or down, that seem to catch our attention. With that in mind, oil […]

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The FAANG Stocks May Still Have Fangs

The FAANG Stocks May Still Have Fangs The Internet hasn’t only changed the way people communicate, check on financial accounts or study for school projects. It has brought great wealth to certain companies and their stockholders. Whether they are in the social media realm, in entertainment, online product sales or make the devices we use […]

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The Recent French Election

The Recent French Election Preventing future terrorist attacks was apparently not on the minds of the French people as they went to the polls and voted for Emmanuel Macron as the country’s next president. Macron had run on a pro-Europe, pro-EU platform, but it was his opponent who ran on the need for stricter vetting […]