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Build Connections Post-Covid

As vaccine rollouts continue to progress, folks are starting to tiptoe out of their quarantine bubbles. But once the euphoria from that first dinner in a restaurant or group hang without masks passes, some people might find that reestablishing the personal connections that COVID-19 interrupted could take more effort than anticipated. As frustrating as lockdowns […]

Can Any Good Come from This?

Many of us have been locked down for more than a year. We’ve cancelled vacations, restaurant visits and in-person schooling. More than 500,000 of our loved ones across the country have passed away. Is there any good coming out of the COVID pandemic? Anything at all? Turns out, there is. The messenger RNA immunization technology […]

Cleaning Up Finances While at Home Social Distancing

By Ash Toumayants While you didn’t plan it this way, it looks like spring cleaning will be happening while we all spend a lot more time at home due to social distancing. Allow us to make a suggestion: Make the most of the extra time you may have on your hands. It’s the perfect opportunity […]

How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Attacks

By Ash Toumayants Does it seem like lately there are more news updates about hackers and breaches in security? With the rise in how dependent our culture is on technology, there are more opportunities for personal information to get compromised. On top of that, average households are using more than one device on a given […]